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IAF 100

FutuVision Technologies designs, manufactures and markets professional audio equipment and software for broadcast, audio production and OEM-markets. Our product line provides standard and customized audio equipment as well as editing, monitoring and radio automation software tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

The company creates its state-of-the-art solutions through its unparalleled talent pool composed of audio engineers in China and Europe. FutuVision Technologies has a stake in Infomedia Group – the market leader in broadcast automation systems in Asia.

Our cooperation includes common product development, localization, marketing, sales and after-sales services in different market regions.

Standard/customizable professional audio equipments & software:

Protection and backup for audio production and broadcast

Protect production and broadcast environment from viruses or malicious programs with the Intelligent Audio Firewall IAF 100. It assures safe audio file transfer from flash memory cards and USB memory mass storage devices and is accessible from workstations within the Local Area Network.

Backup mission critical broadcast with the Intelligent Audio Switch IBS 200 which offers on-board player and network control. It detects low quality or no A/D source signal and automatically chooses another source signal from its 3 external inputs or built-in flash memory player. Remote monitoring and controlling over TCP/IP is possible.

Audio distribution and networked digital audio

Distribute high-quality signal for recording, production and broadcast with the Audio Distribution Amplifier ADA 100. Analog and AES/EBU digital models has one input and a customizable amount of outputs. Network alarm, remote monitoring and controlling over TCP/IP is possible.

Reduce cost and simplify routing of multiple noise free channels through ethernet with EtherAudio, a CobraNet© based multi-channel audio router/distributor/contributor/ transmitter with multiple customizable amount of analog and digital input and output.

Digital recording and editing

Broadcast quality recording on the field with the handheld PAW 120 that provides all functions and controls needed by journalists.

Professionally edit your native format audio files with the PowerEditor software for your radio automation, newsroom or any other audio management system. Specially designed for radio/TV program production and broadcast. The software can be easily integrated to any system through its Microsoft COM interface.

Radio Automation

Manage your broadcast with the comprehensive modular radio automation solution PowerCaster. The market leader in China is soon also available in European and US markets.

Our solutions

For distributors For OEM For broadcast system developer/supplier

Increase your competitiveness and broaden your product portfolio with highquality professional audio equipment and software provided by FutuVision Technologies.

Meet the needs of your customers:

  • Customize and rebrand existing products of FutuVision Technologies.
  • Further develop customizable products and/or create totally new innovations with FutuVision Technologies.

Concentrate on your core competencies:

  • Integrate customizable equipment and software of FutuVision Technologies seamlessly into your services.
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Our competitive advantage

FutuVision Technologies and its partners are proud to be the biggest suppliers for audio workstations and broadcast automation systems in Asia. We are able to offer “all-in-one” integral solutions for broadcasting stations and are devoted to offering the most advanced technology and products for our customers.

Quality and innovation are the two pillars of our operation as we continue to design, develop and produce new products. The PAW recorder series, for example, is the first handheld digital recorder in the world that is able to edit WAV files.

As a company offering advanced technological products, we put great effort in the development of brand new media solutions in digital audio and video frequency, computer multimedia application and digital solutions for the broadcasting industry. We want to offer the best technological products and customer service to the media industry around the world.

Our references


  • Nagra Audio SA Kudelski Group (Switzerland)

  • AEQ S.A. (Spain)

  • Radio86 (Finland)

  • Radio 957 / SBS (Finland)


  • Radios in China: China Radio International (CRI), China National Radio (CNR), Radio Chengdu, Radio Dalian, Radio Daqing, Radio Guangxi, Radio Haikou, Radio Henan, Radio Ningbo, Radio Shanghai, Radio Shanxi, Radio Sichuan, Radio Television HongKong(RTHK), Radio Qiqihaer, Radio Wulumuqi.

  • Provincial TV stations in China: Daliang TV, Daqin TV, Dongying TV, Dongwan TV, Huiyang TV, Niboing TV, Shanxi TV, Shihezi TV, Sichuan TV, Wulumuqi TV, Yulin TV, Yunan TV, Zhuhai TV

  • Taiwan Yangyang Broadcast Company

  • Broadcast Automation Systems Engineering Pte Ltd. (Singapore)

  • Guinea National Radio (Guinea)

  • Lao National Radio (Laos)